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Angelous Ag. Bobby Fernando, S.Kom., BIT, CEH

Hello, "Apa kabar ?"

Thanks for coming here.
As you can see, my full name is up there, but you can call me 'Bobb' to make it simple.

Frankly, my passion in life is helping people & IT. I have a believe that the correct use of technology can be a game-changer in people's life. My dream is to build platform that will serve and help people to do better, a product that will re-innovate the way people see and use technologies for a better life.

I started my own company Oninyon Software Solution in Q3 of 2012. It is an IT consultant firm to help clients solve their business problems by computerized program (software). With our incredible team and respect from our clients, Oninyon Software Solution is doing really well.

I also have a little project with my friend, Nico called Sekolah Game, where we delivered our passion in Game Development by producing games for Social Education but it turns out later that we have decided to merge it with Oninyon. We focused on Android Platform and hopefully can attract more passionate android developers to join us and work together as a team. If you are interested, please tell us !

I personaly have a vision in terms of how technologies should be used and affect life for people who can't reach technology itself. So, please please please support me in doing my missions ! =)

Afterall, I took a path becoming a vegan after several years living and following vegetarian diet. Compassionate to the animals was the reason behind why I left dairy products (and meat of course!). Besides enjoying pure smile of kids, I also love animals and have been volunteering for Animal Friends Jogja in Yogyakarta, Indonesia -a nice city where I lived on this moment- since 2011.

In my -me time- I loved to travel around the world and explore the beauty of our wonderful mother earth. And yes, I love coffee.

My goal in life is to bring back smile for everyone who needs it. It might sounds quite silly, but everyone has to start something, isn't it ? Reaching a goal is not always about the end, but it is more about the whole processes. So if I die sooner, at least my legacy will live forever.

Anyway, thanks for coming here and please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss more.


What can we do together ?

Hanging out in a coffee shop and talk about these

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Software Development

What my software solution team can provide you the best is to give an excellent service to your tech-related or software problem in your business. If you need us to produce custom Websites, Information System or Mobile Apps , you know where to go!

invest on me

Investing on my Startups

If you have interest in helping my startup projects or products growth, please do not hesitate to reach me through my personal email or using whatsapp. Let's have a talk and see where the winds are gonna blow =)

hanging out with me

Philantrophy & Ideas

As a social creature, having and sharing knowledge about music, movies, Veganism, travel, books, or any other random things just sound great for me. Also looking for a philosophy and philanthropy ideas to do together. Let's waste the time.

It doesn't matter how many times you fall, It matters how you're gonna finish

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Angelous Bobby Fernando

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 Yogyakarta, Indonesia